Rublev Colours Featured by Artist Linda Schroeter in TV Show

Linda Schroeter, an artist living in Sonoma County and director of the Russian River Atelier, was recently featured in the fine art TV show episode “Colour In Your Life” about painting, drawing, art workshops, art tips and art techniques.

Linda uses Rublev Colours Artist Oils in her work, which is discussed at about the 6:00 minute mark in the TV show:

Rublev Colours Artist Oils New Label Design

New Rublev Colours Artist Oils Label (front)
We’ve redesigned the label of Rublev Colours Artist Oils to provide even more information for artists. Many artists have requested that the color be printed on the label making it easier for them to identify the color inside. We’ve printed the color at the top and identified it on the front in five languages (French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish) besides English. Since the color is printed on the label, it is, of course, only an approximation of the actual color inside.

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Painting Mediums

Rublev Colours Mediums

Aqueous Cleaning Methods

When dusting and dry cleaning methods do not remove dirt and grime from varnished or unvarnished paint surfaces, than an aqueous cleaning method may be used as an alternative. Aqueous cleaning methods are more invasive than dusting and dry cleaning, so caution should be exercised when using these methods. Studies show that oil paint films are sensitive to water especially where the paint has been used to create a great range of surface effects (Tempest 2010). Aqueous foams and gels are currently used in conservation practice as an alternative to simply using water on paint surfaces (Heckenb├╝cker 2010; Wolbers 2000; Stulik 2004).
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